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- A taste of Heaven -

How i started

Holiday Tradition

In 2015, while baking for fun I inadvertently developed the "perfect" buttery, thin, and crispy sugar cookies. That holiday season I decided to hand them out as gifts to various friends and church members.

What started off as 10 boxes the first year quickly turned into 50 the following. After developing more recipes and drawing inspiration from others, I quickly developed a small repertoire of homemade desserts that drew orders every holiday season.

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Timothy A. Carter

 As a recent graduate of the University of Maryland, Baltimore County with a degree in Mechanical Engineering, cooking and baking is my passion. It is also a stress reliever from my work as a project engineer.

For as long as I can remember, I was in the kitchen. As a small child I was often found watching my mother cook dinner or on the couch watching the Food Network together with her; even 'til now.

 Over the years of being my mother's shadow, I was taught various dishes from macaroni & cheese to my mother's famous baked chicken and rice. Until one day she asked me to make dinner and that is when I felt as though the baton had been passed.

One of my earliest holiday memories was baking cookies with my late grandmother. Every year, my cousin, brother, and I shared the tradition of baking cookies at her home. Years later, my love for baking has only flourished. 


- Pastor Brent Brown -

my ingredients

Using only the finest ingredients in all of our recipes, with a focus on natural organic ingredients with NO added preservatives. Some of the ingredients found in our recipes include pure Irish butter, Dutch processed cocoa, and Madagascar pure vanilla bean. 

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